Miguel Baca Rossi
Hundreds of small art pieces fill my father's studio. They all are the product of his tireless and zealous work, his creative spirit and energy, his passion for art that turn into masterpieces in his hands.

I could divide his creations in many subjects by his interests and preferences: maidens, love and life, boys, horses, bulls and Fiesta Brava, Peruvian folklore, Don Quixote de la Mancha, César Vallejo, Simón Bolívar, plastic models and projects; pages that I invite you to explore and apreciate.

Folklore Don Quijote
César Vallejo
Peruvian folklore
Don Quixote
César Vallejo
El Libertador
The Liberator
Toros y Fiesta Brava
Amor y Vida
Detalle Micaela Bastidas Sublevación
Bulls and
Fiesta Brava
Love and Life
Plastic models and Projects
As a marvelled witness of his "artist being" I can tell countless number of stories.
One day, for example, coming back home from the Fine Arts School, he had lunch quickly, noticeably intrigued by something he kept to himself, without words, he excused himself and entered his studio. Hours later, he explained that he had to "do" her: he had seen her waiting for a bus, she was standing, proud and imposing, she was black, tall and strong; with a glance that fascinated him; she feeling observed and turned away offended....Now there it is, fresh and full of life, full of a newly born spirit, a wonderful work that lives with us since then: "La Tomasa", as he named her, whole body sculpure, in medium format and an astonishing protrait that he made of her.

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