Miguel Baca Rossi
Miguel Baca Rossi
Artista en Bellas Artes

Born on 30 October 1917 in Pimentel, in the Region of Lambayeque, Perú. Even as a child, his obvious inclination towards sculpture, sand creations on the beach, and caricatures at school merited the attention of Master Karl Weiss, Director of "San José de Chiclayo" National College, who with profound and great ability guided him in the acquisition of the discipline which artistic activity requires.

In Lima, he attended anatomy courses at the University of Medicine of San Marcos and those of Art at the National School of Fine Arts where he graduated in sculpture in only three years, because of his obvious talent.

In 1953 he married Doña Carlota Ruiz Altuna, together they would have five children and ten grandchildren. She was to be the companion of a wonderful and happy life.

He began his career as a teacher creating anatomic models (natural size) in the then innovative synthetic material, organs, and circulatory systems of the human body, as well as the botanical world which were adopted with success in teaching. For forty years he dedicated himself to artistic education in the main schools and universities of Lima such as the National Engineering University and the Pontificia Catholic University. Later he would becoming lecturer of Applied Anatomy and Senior Lecturer of the Sculpture Laboratory of the National School of Fine Arts, where he achieved the pinnacle of his career as Director of the same Academy.

In Lambayeque, he produced drawings and murals, an important mausoleum in marble and several busts of Independence heroes, he also created statues for the external walls of Chiclayo's and Lambayeque's Cathedrals, each one four metres in height. Since then, hundreds of compositions have borne witness to his tireless and prodigious work: monuments, allegorical groups, bust-portraits, Peruvian folklore characters, bull fights, feminine figures, bass-relief medals, life-size works, projects and small scale models among others.

In 1997, to celebrate his eightieth birthday, honoured by his Alma Mater the School of Fine Arts of Peru, the National Institute of Culture and the Italian Institute of Culture, he held, in the Lima National Museum, the most complete retrospective exhibition of his works.

Though out the years he was the recipient of prizes and awards, the highest diplomatic and institutional recognition, he received titles and medals: the title of "Distinguished Neighbour of Lima Metropolitan City"; that of "Illustrious Citizen" of the quarter of San Isidro; the honours from the Italian Embassy, the National Institute of Culture of Lima and a "Salute Motion" by the Republic Congress.

In 1983 he received the prize of "Magisterial Palms of Perú" in the Master category and the "Professor Emeritus" title from the Fine Arts School of Perú, in recognition of his work on behalf of Education of the Nation.

In 1999 the government of Peru awarded him with the "Grand Officer Order" as recognition of being the highest figure of Peruvian Sculpture.

In the early part of 2004, the Council of the City of Lima honoured him by a holding an important retrospective exhibition of his compositions, in the Art Gallery of "Pancho Fierro", and presented him with the "Medal of Lima" in recognition of his artistic work. Over ten thousand people visited and greatly appreciated the exhibition. In the same period, on occasion of the International Celebration of Education, the "Derrama Magisterial" (a special branch of the Education Department), awarded him with the medal of honour "José Antonio Encinas" for his professional work in promoting of the culture of the State.

He has been actively involved in individual, collective, national, and international exhibitions. As a member of juries in artistic competitions both official and private. He welcome in his studio groups of school pupils and university students. Among the sculptors of the framous (human figure) he is decisivly the highest representative in the country. Many of his works belong to private collectors form all over the world and his monuments decorate palaces, squares in Peru, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Mexico, the United States of America, Portugal, Vatican City and the Philippines.

Artista trabajando
Escogiendo mármol
Modelos anatómicos
Proyecto San Agustín
Monumento Belaunde
Monumento "Cabitos de la Guerra del Pacífico"- puesta en sito
Trabajando maqueta monumento Haya de la Torre
Trabajando monumento Haya de la Torre
Monumento "El Chalán"
Enseñando a su nieto Armando
Miguel Baca Rossi y Sra.
El maestro feliz en sus 80 años
Este link le permite descargar el Curriculum Vitae del Maestro Miguel Baca Rossi en formato .pdf (89 Kb)

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